About yonit

All my life I have been practicing children’s education, teaching generations of toddlers.

In my eyes, each and every child is a unique and special jewel. Educating small children and the understanding that every child must be educated in an aesthetic, calm, attractive and unique atmosphere brought me to develope a creative, original world and nurtured love for all types of art.

After completing my PhD in England I have started to focus my resources of creation on the subject of jewelry, beginning to professionalize in one of the fashion capitals of the world – London.

The change for dedicating my time to jewelry started after thinking about what are the special matters that give peace and quiet. With my husband encouragement I have realized that in any situation, the jewel is kind of a present to the soul, decorating the body and creates a healthy mind in a healthy body.

As a mother of five children and a grandmother, my family encourages my creation and helps me see all the beauty in this world.

My jewelry is made of combination of a variety of materials, most of them are natural ones – Noble metals, silver and gold, and gold plated metal. I also embed precious and half-precious gemstones; I also combine crystals in a unique process as an integral part of the jewel.

My designs are special, and the creation process shows uniqueness, sometimes in their sizes and sometimes in their crude designs.

These jewels place the woman wearing them in the frontier of originality.


In any one of my jewels I invest positive energies and I know that in wearing them, the woman will feel the same energetic and independent.  

Spread your love through the designs and give a gift that is a memento radiating from love.

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Dr. Jona Y. Strulov‏

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